General MAGI Application Criteria
Groups applying for funding must
  • Be properly constituted
  • Be able to show that joint activities have taken place in the past
  • The community must contribute to the project either through time, materials or financially
  • The role that women play in the project must be clearly shown, both in terms of how they participate in leadership and decision making and in how they benefit and are empowered
  • It should be clear that the project meets a definite need
  • The benefit to the community must be clearly defined.
MAGI will support
  • Institutional costs
  • Capacity building and training
  • Direct programme and activity costs
  • Workshops; events; exchange visits; peer learning
  • Small infrastructure development and small items of equipment.
MAGI will NOT support
  • Individual academic Bursaries
  • Individual Early childhood development / education institutions
  • Individual entrepreneurs and enterprises
  • Home based care
  • Loans